For many people living in College Station and the surrounding areas of Texas, the air conditioner is something that gets used almost every day. The comfort it provides to your home or place of business can be easy to take for granted. That is, until your air conditioner breaks down and you are left to face to the region’s extreme heat without it. Even the most well-maintained unit will occasionally encounter an issue that requires a professional HVAC technician to step in and take a look. And sometimes, depending on its age, there is simply nothing that can be done to salvage the system. If this misfortune befalls you, turn to the experts at JG Innovative Services. Our company is known for providing reliable and affordable air conditioner installation throughout College Station, TX. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment for your home or business!


Considering the extent to which we all rely on air conditioning for the enjoyment and well-being of our day-to-day lives, having a new unit installed is not something you want to mess around with. Be sure to entrust the job to our professionals. There are many benefits to ensuring your air conditioner installation is performed properly.

For example, professional installation will improve the efficiency and longevity of your unit. A new AC system can be a significant investment, one that you will want to make the most of. Our experienced technicians have the attention to detail necessary to maximize the potential for each of countless tiny aspects of the installation process, such as securing seals, connecting electrical components, and even screwing in bolts, that all contribute to your system’s ability to operate at peak capacity.

Our expertise will come in handy before the actual installation even begins! We will recommend the ideal size of unit needed to cool a given space and measure your existing ductwork to check for compatibility. Once the process is complete, you will also benefit from the protection of a warranty and labor guarantee in the event of any malfunctions.

Reach out today to take advantage of our superior air conditioner installation services!

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