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JG Innovative Services has been in business in the Brazos Valley for over 20 years. We are a member of the BBB and a recipient of the 2003 Newman Award for being one of the fastest growing companies in the area. The owners consist of David Rudd (president), JD Rudd (vice president), and Richard Rudd (head of construction). We have a full staff of qualified service techs and installers to suit all your needs.

JG Innovative Services is a construction service HVAC company serving the College Station, TX area. Our AC and heating contractors install light commercial and residential systems, as well as service or replace all makes and models. We can also assist you with duct work, heat pumps, and more.

JG Innovative Services performs 24 hr service 7 days a week. We accept Visa, Discover and Master card. All payments are due at time of service. Financing is available on replacement systems for those who qualify.

Please give us a call today for all of your air conditioning and heating repair or service needs in the College Station, TX area!

AC Repair & Installations

Deciding whether to regularly maintain your AC unit or to get a complete system replacement can be a tough call. In the Texas heat, air conditioners need to work continuously to cool your home properly and efficiently. In order to protect your home and your AC unit, regular maintenance service should be performed to prolong the life of your system. Unfortunately, system breakdowns can occur creating the need for professional AC repair work from a reliable HVAC company. Common warning signs that indicate you should call in an AC repair technician include rising electricity bills, strange odors or sounds, blowing little to no air or warm air, excess water pooling around the unit, and high indoor humidity. At JG Innovative Services, we have over 20 years of experience repairing home units. Our team will go through our routine check to determine which section of your system needs to be repaired. This could be a refrigerant leak, a broken compressor fan, or even drainage issues. If damage to your unit is not worth it financially to fix, we will let you know of potential air conditioning installation options. Our installation estimates depend on the square footage of your living space as well as the type of unit you have. Our professional HVAC contractors are available to repair and replace AC units throughout all the College Station, TX area.

Heating Repairs

While the air in Texas isn't cold throughout the year, nights during the winter can leave you needing a reliable furnace. If your current furnace isn't warming your home as efficiently as last season, contact the heating repair pros at JG Innovative Services today for a service. There are some usual tells a furnace may be in need of some repairs. If your furnace isn't blowing enough warm air or the airflow is very weak, there may be a airflow blockage in your ducts. If this is the case, our techs may need to do further duct work to find the source of the issue and perhaps clear out an old filter or replace a unit's blower. Another sign could be if the furnace begins to make a variety of sounds during its cycle or if the unit isn't reacting to the thermostat. While these are common issues, they can still be a pain as a homeowner. If you suspect you are in need of a heating repair, feel free to reach out to our team of heating contractors today! We are proud to support homes throughout the College Station, TX area.

Reliable Service for Heat Pumps

Similar to a standard air conditioning unit, your heat pump system moves air through an indoor and outdoor coil to generate warmth for your home. In order for it to run properly and efficiently, your heat pump system will need to be routinely cleaned and maintained. If repairs are needed, they must be done promptly to avoid further damage. Keeping up with the maintenance of your heat pump can reduce the natural wear and tear of your unit, helping it last longer, saving you money in the long run! Maximize your energy savings and comfort with help from JG Innovative Services. Our technicians have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to work on a variety of heat pumps, ensuring your home is warm and comfortable for you and your family. For more information or to schedule service in the College Station, TX area, contact our heating contractors today!

Expert Duct Work

The purpose of duct work is to help distribute airflow from your heating and cooling systems throughout your home. Air from your rooms gets sucked into the duct work, fed through your HVAC system, and is then redistributed to cool or heat your home. Since your duct work is responsible for facilitating airflow, it is essential that it is properly sized, designed, and installed for your home. If your duct work is not designed or installed correctly, problems can occur and your home will not be as comfortable as you wish. In fact, your duct work is just as important as your HVAC units themselves!

At, JG Innovative Services Inc, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to perfect the duct work throughout your home. If you feel like your duct work needs attention or you're in the process of constructing a home and you need brand new duct work installed, rely on us!! We proudly serve the College Station, TX area.

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  • Great company, have had nothing but good service from them. They come quickly, fix ONLY what is needed and I'm good to go with cool ai
    • Melaney Dodson
  • Great company! They installed the A/C in my new home and have been servicing my homes for years. They are always quick to find a solution to my A/C problems. Would highly recommend them!
    • Suzanne Baron
  • They have done great work for us. Before we bought our house, the inspection found a problem with the AC. They came out and fixed it promptly so we could keep everything on track with our closing. The capacitor recently went out, and they were out the next day and got it fixed without any problems. The folks that work there are very nice and courteous as well.
    • Becky O'Brien
  • When I worked for Meridian Apartments JG is quick and reasonable very nice people Thank you for y'alls services
  • These guys are angels, they certainly take care of senior citizens in this heat. We had every fan we owned and could borrow, and without an appointment they worked us in fast and the cost was reasonable, no emergency service surcharges in the fine print, just an honest business who really care. Thank you so much.
    • Mary Ringo
  • I had pleasant experience with this company for fixing the AC system in my house. I would like to share here to give an idea to other potential customers or reviewers how JG Innovative Services take care of their customers, how the office run efficiently,  how a tech fix the problems on AC beautifully.

    • Queena Chang
  • I've recommended them professionally and used them personally for years. JD and has crew have always responded quickly and provided great customer service.

    • Jack Anding
  • Thank you so much for fitting me into your already packed schedule at the last minute! Your techs are always friendly, helpful and tidy, and your office staff is the same - well, I can't speak to their tidiness, but they are great on the phone!

    • Kathy Spillers

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