Texas is known for warm, sunny weather, which means the College Station community is no stranger to intense summer heat. Most homes and businesses in the area run their air conditioners around the clock during these months. With that kind of workload, any machine is bound to get worn out and run down. When your air conditioner malfunctions or seems like it's not working as effectively as it once did, contact JG Innovative Services Inc. Our technicians specialize in AC repair and maintenance work. We will be able to get your system up and running at peak performance again in no time. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can stop sweating!


Whether you just need a filter changed, the refrigerant is leaking, or the capacitor and condenser needs to be replaced, our AC repair experts will take care of the situation reliably and affordably. We are trusted throughout the BCS region to deliver quality results and even better customer service. We make every effort to respond to service calls promptly because we understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to have to go without air conditioning for long. More often than not, the fix for a given problem is rather easy. Yet many property owners put off calling our AC repair contractors until their unit breaks down even further. We recommend reaching out at the first sign of trouble. Watch for warning signs such as the system running constantly or repeatedly turning on and off, hot air being blown out, strange noises or smells emanating from the unit, fluids leaking, or your circuit breaker tripping. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can diagnose these issues, prescribe the best course of action, and get to work on remedying the issue. If for some reason we cannot fix the unit, or it is simply too old or too far gone to be worth fixing, we also provide new air conditioner installation services at great rates.

It's never pleasant to find yourself in need of AC repairs, especially on a hot day. Keeping up with regular maintenance work is a great way to avoid this. Our air conditioning technicians are happy to offer some easy do-it-yourself tips for College Station homeowners to help them keep their units in good shape. We recommend to start off by giving the outdoor parts of your system a visual inspection, looking for any debris surrounding it that should be cleared away to allow for maximum airflow. Next, replace the filter. This should be done every 60-90 days and can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your unit. Lastly, be sure to test the system, ideally earlier in the year before the super high temperatures hit. In the event that things aren't running smoothly, you want to discover this as soon as possible in case you need to take further action.

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